No more hassling with last minute train schedules, buses or dealing with flight delays. Surge pricing? No thank you. With CarPo, students are the drivers and if you are trying to get home, back to school, attend away sporting and music events, or even visit a friend at another college, there’s a good chance someone else is going that way anyway.

Convenient, affordable, hassle free

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Become a Driver

Becoming a driver is easy! As a driver you will be reimbursed for all expenses. Simply enter your car details (Make, Model, Year, and Color), along with setting up your payout account and you will be on your way to creating your first trip! Select a starting and ending destination and choose how many seats you would like to offer. Passengers will also be able to create trip requests and a driver can fulfill them by creating that specific request. CarPo will then notify the requester that their requested trip has been created. The best perk about being a driver is that the passengers are reimbursing you when you are going that way anyway!

Or a Passenger

Becoming a passenger is easy, just sign up with your email or log in through your Facebook account to complete your profile. By adding a few of your favorite destinations, such as your college, hometown, or even a friends college, CarPo will be able to automatically notify you of anyone in your area who has created a trip to those locations. You can browse the homepage for any trips happening nearby your location or even customize a filtered search to find a specific trip. Additionally, CarPo’s “Request a Trip” feature allows you to send out a trip request in case you couldn’t find the trip you wanted and enables other users to answer those requests by creating a trip to the destination you wanted.

Searching For Trips Made Easy

The home screen and map view make it easy to navigate to one of your favorite destinations or to find other trips that have been created nearby. The filter feature allows a passenger to search for a specific trip, toggle between favorite destinations, adjust mile ranges, and even customize certain options such as round trip, girls only, and no smoking. Once you find your desired trip, the rest is easy! Simply, tap the trips fare, view the details, and book the seat you want. Now you can sit back and relax as CarPo will send alerts to ensure you make your trip on time.

  • 2 Types of Users

    Users can be passengers one day and drivers the next by simply adding a few profile details.

  • Stay Updated

    In app messaging allows you to contact your driver or your passengers to relay any additional trip information.

  • Trip Requests

    Don’t see a trip you want? Submit a trip request!

  • Be Alerted

    CarPo’s built-in alerts are in place to ensure that you never miss your ride!

  • Trip Request Fulfillment

    Fulfilling another user's trip request is as easy as creating a trip. The requested user will be notified about your trip so that they can then join you.

  • Trip & Payment History

    CarPo keeps all your trip and payment history on record so that you can review it at any time.

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